So when the the receptionist asked, "A male and female, two females or two male masseurs?" "Two males please," Lucas and I responded as one with great aplomb. turning on to my back. I open my legs for Bob to oil the insides of my thighs, then my tits. He is teasing my nipples with two fingertips while I watch Bill teasing my man’s nipples. "Oh fuck, wow, your man is hung and thick, huge," Bob moans as he and I watch Bill oiling his no longer flaccid cock with two hands. "Very tempting, very," I mutter as Bob slides an oily finger along my cunt lips.

we agreed on one rule, no fucking with others, any sexual pleasure apart from fucking was acceptable and left lots of exciting options. I get to the resort the concierge told us, "If you have any special requirements, don’t hesitate to ask." My man and I do have special requirements, very special requirements. However we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves by asking early on our stay. my clit. "Is this your wish, Kate?," he teases as he slides two oily fingers along the outside of my cunt lips and the third finger along the full length of cunt lips. "So good, so good baby," my man is moaning while he watches as Bill has one hand on his balls while edging his erection with the other.

and work through some of the items on our bucket list without any jealousies getting in the way. the sexual pleasure. This a whole new experience for us. My man and I are both on our backs, resting on our elbows, naked, facing each other as we watch two much younger men, both with obvious erections, edging and teasing us to orgasm with their hands and fingers. "We wanted new sexual experiences, that was so basic and so good. Watching two men we only just met bringing each other to orgasm with their hands and fingers," I tell Lucas over lunch. "No jealousies and no guilt." "Carmen and Cindy for our entertainment tonight," is announced at nine-thirty as the curtains open to show two gorgeous twenty-something women.